About Us

Delicate preparation. Bold flavors.

Welcome to Yanako. Here, in its new location at 4345 Main St., Chef Moon’s 7 year-old Japanese restaurant has been reborn. A stripped down version of its former self, within these rough wooden walls, elegance won’t hit you in the face; rather, you’re invited to discover the beauty that lies in simplicity and imperfection. In the darkness lives a special slow-burning energy, reminiscent of the small food stalls that line the streets of Japan. You, the diner, are given the space to color your own experience; to create and savor connections—with the food and each other.


4345 Main St.
Philadelphia, PA 19127


(267) 297-8151
(267) 297 8341


Sun-Mon, 5pm-9pm
Tues, Closed
Wed-Thu, 5pm-9pm
Fri-Sat, 5pm-9:30pm


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Photos taken by Neal Santos